Terms & Conditions

By booking and making payment for the race you understand that running has inherent risks. You understand the while the organisers have made reasonable effort to control and minimise risk, this event involves some risk of accidental injury and that you should not enter unless you are physically fit. You are aware of and assume all risk of injury associated with participation in this event, including but not limited to falls, the effects of physical exertion or of weather and the condition of the running course. You relieve the event organisers of any responsibility for damage to your persons or property however caused as a result of attending this event.

NO refunds are available once your entry place is confirmed. Any race changes must be submitted in writing to Michael O’Sullivan mosullivan03@gmail.com

You hereby grant permission to the organisers to use any photographs, videotapes or any other record of this event in which you are visible in a report of the event, or if I do not wish them to so, I will make this known to them